Effective communication with your people is the cornerstone of building a strong culture of security
within any organization. By regularly engaging with employees and making sure they understand
the importance of security, you can create a shared sense of responsibility and empower them
to be a crucial line of defense against cyber threats.

So why not start investing in strong communication strategies today and help build a
cyber secure culture in your organization? Use aids like videos, presentations in your meetings and
decorate your office with wall posters to make this process engaging and interesting.

Watch the story of a cyberattack

It was, by far, the most challenging crisis that I have handled in my career.


Watch an ethical hacker’s story

Who is responsible for locking the door in your house? Only you, or the whole family?

Bring awareness to your workplace

Inspire a culture of security within your workplace.
The best way to start it is engaging people with appealing posters. 
Download, print and decorate your office today!

Protect your business with your people  

Work together with your people to build a strong security culture.
This presentation provides great insights about how to cultivate
 a security culture in your workforce.

Download the presentation Format PPTX Size 2 MB


Realtime Cyberattack Stories

Cyberattack on Maersk

Story of the largest shipping container company being hit hard

Cyberattack on Talk Talk Telecom

News of a disastrous strike which impacted millions

Millions Extorted using Ransomware

Revelation of a Canadian hacker