Security Awareness Programs 

Security Awareness Programs are designed to educate employees about the importance of information security and best practices to prevent security breaches. They aim to foster a culture of security within an organization by providing training and phishing simulations. The benefits include reduced risk of security incidents, improved compliance with regulations, and enhanced overall security posture.

Security Awareness Programs: Strengthen your defense

These programs come with a cost but is a valuable investment for you and your organization. There are many suppliers to choose from on the market.

Such programs usually offer online trainings, regular phishing simulations to test your employees, and include a 'Report Phish' button in Outlook for employees to check if any email is malicious. In addition, these programs usually provide you with regular reports to follow results and progress. Participating in a Security Awareness Program equips your organization with the knowledge and readiness to detect and respond to cybersecurity threats, thereby significantly reducing the risk of security breaches and protecting sensitive data.


Online trainings

Phishing Simulations

Phish Service

Follow Up Reports